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Down and Out in the Dominican Republic

Posted in Uncategorized on April 17, 2010 by chefboyrd

Its slow season

Restaurant’s plummeted from a 25-40 person a night average to about 10 if we’re lucky. Such is the life and season in the Caribbean nowadays.

Used to be high season all the way till september, but since the world economic crises belts are tightening and luxury vacations to the DR seem like theyre the first thing to go.

Still, things at the rez are good. That place has become a second home to me, the guys there are priceless, it really is a good team. What they lack in culinary knowledge and consistency they make up in simply being good guys. For a little I was frustrated that the menu, while good it just seemed a little…I dunno, standard french fare? kind of traditional? pick your term, but know I understand that Chef Romain is limited by the abilities of his team. I’d like to think that I contribute to upping the overall culinary ability of the team because atleast Ive undergone rather rigorous training but if theres one thing im learning is that I still got a lot to learn.

Fortunately Im a fast learner.

I’m good friends with the late shift bar guys. Some times after work, I just can’t stay in my room, I got to go out and have a beer even if its at an empty bar. We’ve gone through a lot, the bar guys and me, we’re a pretty tight knit group, loosely speaking. Tonight, a group of prostitutes walked in with some older caucasian dudes. I mean….c’mon, can you be more obvious. Two white haired white men walking in with two gorgeous dominican ladies, they’re definitely not going upstairs to read bible verses. We were taking bets on how far they would get. They got pretty far, Securities usually pretty tight, but we must’ve had a newbie on watch tonight because they got as far as the lobby bar before they got stopped by a nervous guard summarily kicked out. No Pros in Punta Cana Beach Resort. Strict policy.

On to a more personal matter. Im up to 176lbs, thats 10lbs too big. I have to lose the weight soon. Exercise and dieting, exercise and dieting.NO BREAD. BREAD IS THE ENEMY.


Welcome back kotter

Posted in Uncategorized on April 12, 2010 by chefboyrd

My absence is inexcusable. I promised myself when i started this guy that there would be atleast weekly updates. Weeks have gone by without a peep from me. I dunno gang, sometimes I’m just filled with this massive well of ennnui I can barely convince myself to get out of bed in the morning. I need to motivate myself; maybe i can rig my little netbook to blast out Eye of the Tiger every morning. I may be a little more inclined to get up, put some shoes on and take my fat ass on a run.

Thats another development. Im fat now.

Ok, its not that dire, im not fat fat but I have gained like 10 pounds since Ive been here. 10 pounds I need to lose like woah before I balloon up to mythic proportions.

As a cook, its tough peeps. You’re trained to taste everything you make so you don’t send out garbage. On the brightside, im a really good taster. Nothing leaves my pan that doesn’t make a brief pit stop in my mouth to take in the sites, become immersed in the culture and the like.

That coupled with a total unwillingness to exercise will lead to an equation of obesity. I got to nip this in the bud, turn the tide around and to borrow a quote from corporate america , Just Do It.

I can’t bring myself to give you guys a decadent fatty recipe so lets do something relatively healthy:

Shrimp ceviche with strawberrys and Balsamic vinegar:

Lets plate these in martini glasses for height. The base will be a little arugula salad pre-tossed lightly in olive oil. You can mix some pine nuts or walnuts or any kind of nuts in the salad for a little texture. Next, take our shrimp and butterfly them to the base of the tale, pass them through hot water or marinate them in lime juice for a few minutes. The acidity of the lime juice will cook the shrimp and the hot water does the same thing, basically poaching them.

Now, we have the arugula salad at the bottoom of out martini glass, arrange for four cooked shrimp on top of that. Cut two strawberrys in quarters and arrange in whatever creative manner catches your fancy. Drizzle balsamic vinegar over the whole affair and Voila! You’ve got a fancy little plate you can woo a romantic partner with. And if it don’t work my name aint Diego “Longsnake” Abreu