All the Music All the Time

So I wanted to talk about my second favourite thing in the world-Music. I love music with every fiber of my being, every molecule in my ever expanding universe, down to the follicles of my big toe knuckle hairs. It helps me get through tough times, and it makes the good times seem all the better. I somewhat snobbishly consider myself a connoisseur and I like to share so in the cultural interest of the planet I will divulge my current faves on my little Sansa 4GB replete with appropriate food analogies:

Dinosaur Jr-Farm

These grunge superstars from 80’s made a big time comeback when all the original members got back together. Farm’s the second album since the reunion and its like they haven’t missed a step. Chock full of unruly riffage and well crafted melancholy chorus. J Mascis brokenly warbles “I got nothing left to be/do you have some plans for me?” with sweet misery on “Plans”. my favourite track on the album is “said the people” an epic ballad that wears its heart fully on its sleeve and is most suited to spacing out and staring at the fuzzy tree people on the cover.Also, sick shredding. The hardest and longest song is I Don’t Want to Go There”. Its amazing how much beautiful noise just three people can make. The solo on I don’t want to go there clocks in at almost 3 minutes and none of it feels boring or repetitive. This album is awesome.
Requisite Food Analogy: Its got to be a fresh ground Burger- Murph (drummer) and barlow(bassist) provide the buns to Mascis meaty patty.

Sonic Youth- The Eternal

Yet another entry from these silver age alt-rockers doing good in the new millenium.! the coincidences abound, the results remain the same. The guitars are pricklier than cacti on this album.Antenna is def my favourite song, the band forlornly croons of loss “radios play nothing when she’s far away/TV antenna rusting gone to waste/radio transmitting nowhere it falls away,she’s far away”. On “Walking Blue” it feels like Lee Ranaldo has his arm around your shoulder telling you to keep your chin up.
Requisite Food Analogy-Spinach Arugula Salad with a balsamic vinaigrette for deepness of flavor and maybe some pecans for crunch

The Rural Alberta Advantage-Hometowns

Man, I love this band. They’re pretty unknown but every song on this album is catchy as hell. This Toronto Trio is pretty similar to a another Canadian darling of the indie music scene, Neutral Milk Hotel but with more intense, crackerjack drumming and a poppier sound. Nils Edenloff nasal warble and straightforward sincere lyrics serve as a trampoline for all the other instruments on the album, and there are alot;guitars, cellos, organs and hell even a glockenspiel. “Don’t Haunt this Place” is the most pop song on album, features some beautiful harmonizing between Edenloff and Amy Cole and some fucking awesome drumming from Paul Banwatt, who is an utter beast on this album; where the hell did this guy come from and why isn’t he playing for some swedish metal band or something?
Requisite Food Analogy– Pompano en Papillote,A filet of pompano is baked in a sealed parchment paper envelope with a white sauce of wine, shrimp, and crabmeat. All these flavors coming together is kind of like RAA’s beautiful medley of sound.

The Mars Volta-The Bedlam in Goliath

It was only a matter of time before I put a Mars Volta album in here. Anyone who knows me is aware about how I feel about this band. Namely, I think they’re the greatest prog rock band ever to grace the planet. That’s pigeonholing them too much, these madmen might be the greatest rock band to ever thrash. Yes, they have their flaws but without lows you can’t reach great heights. It’s all about gathering momentum and Volta has enough to blow them into the cosmos. The Bedlam in Goliath, in this writer’s humble opinion, is alt rock’s finest avatar of excess.The album starts with a sonic assault in Aberinkula and shit just gets crazy from there. The drumming on this album is absolutely insane, witness the opening seconds of “Cavalettas” where drummer Pridgeon pretty much takes the snap from the shotgun and says “fuck it, I’m going deep”. On the same track Bixler-Zapata announces during the 7+minute romp “I am a deaf con of angora goats/Warning you all who pass this mote/It’s only a matter of folding in time and space/before I become your epidemic”. This album never lets up, it never stops to ask, “hey man,you ok?” This album will trample you in a beautiful violent way, and if you’re man enough you’ll come back for more.If you can’t handle a mountain of sound avalanching directly on top of you then I advise you to stay away; but if you don’t mind a little rough-housing you’ll get rewarded with the most unashamedly prog rock to grace the land.
Requisite Food Analogy– Bedlam is a decadent 12 course feast not unlike the Roman Emperor Nero enjoyed whilst Rome burned down around him.


3 Responses to “All the Music All the Time”

  1. I just discovered this beautiful bounty of candied fable, where the truth spills from babe of the land, prodigal son who has returned to his home forevermore.but you’re missing lost, and I miss you too. This is a brilliant blog, and I signed up for emails when you publish new posts, so lets get down to the meat and potatoes of this entry, for now:

    You know how I feel bout the Volta, and I agree with you. I have to check out those other bands though. I just found some really old Tim and Eric stuff including an old band called the Tim heidecker masterpiece, the music is surprisingly good. Well, its better than poisoned food. Don’t eat the food, its poison food.

    • Im so glad you’re reading my blog bro, theres no one that cuts to the very core of me like you do pal. I miss you like the dickens you old so and so. I highly reccomend you check out Dinosaur Jr, and also The Rural Alberta Advantage (terrible name, great music).
      So wait this is an old band tim and eric were in? Its got to be bizarre, so I LIKE IT.
      Keep reading and commenting, itll give me the energy to keep writing, cause so far my number one fan is my mom. WHICH IS GREAT, I LOVE YOU MOM. but ya know what I mean.

      • Haha, your mom is great; my mom never commented on my old blog. You got it buddy, I’m on your blog like the stink on white rice stuck to your butt, which puts me uncomfortable close to your… well, ya know what I mean. And those bands? If they were a book at a library, the computer would read: CHECKED OUT

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