Bedlam in Punta Cana

So its been a busy, busy week. I’ve been working long hours but its food so really its all play. It’s great that my job is something I don’t mind being at for 10+hours a day.Especially for zero dollars an hour. If I were seated behind a desk id go crazy looking at the clock or being on social networking sites on company time. A cook, however, is good honest work that takes skill, creativity and exercises both hemispheres of the ol’ noggin. Everyone there is really nice though it does still bother me that some of the guys still kind of dont think i know what I’m doing. I don’t want to sound like a jerk and be like ” I know what Im doing, back off” because all in all, the whole kitchen is really cool and I’m going to invariably have to ask them where the serrano ham is or something and they’d be all like “I thought I knew what you were doing, hotshot”.

So im playing it cool, and doing my thing, letting that speak for itself and hopefully once i fully learn where everything I’ll feel that way less. I’ve gotten to make a few dishes, mostly amuse bouche’s (a pre-dinner gift from the kitchen) but I’m working a few items in my head to suggest as specials. I was watching some stupid entertainment show like ET or access hollywood and they showed a segment of chef Phillipe Chow. His Wok technique is impressive and I really want to do a take on his Green Prawns. Im going to work something out in the next week and release to my adoring fans soon.

We took group pictures last week which im going to show you guys ofcourse. See if you can find me.

Where's Waldo?

Thats my Chef in the center,Romain Valicon. He’s notoriously camera shy so we had to let him wear his Bling to the photo, his Academy des Artes Medal. Not so bad as far as medals go.Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the crew:
from left: "The Muffin Man" Joselo, Jhensi AKA "Rottweiler" and "Pappy" Pascual
Jhensi, in particular is a rare breed. He’s a skinny guy and a big talker. The kid’s got talent though and he’s ultra helpful. Food’s not his passion though, music is and he’s liable to bust out with freestyles every couple of minutes in the middle of service.”Off the dome” as he claims. He’s got a CD coming out in late Feb that I hope to get as a birthday present, maybe Ill post a track here from “Da Rottweiler”

Sunday was valentine’s day which is always a busy day for restaurants. Chef put me in charge of the desserts we were doing, a simple plate but one that required a lot of work plating. Simply put it was a tropical fruit tartare of pineapple,papaya,watermelon and strawberries, with a red pepper jelly and Grand Marniere Syrup. I had to plate fifty of these and the biggest pain in the ass was making the Orange Supremes for the garnish. An Orange supreme is a perfect little orange segment. where we go from a bunch of these:

Bowl 'a fruit

To a brigade of these:

Ill cut you again orange, I swear i will

to basically end up with a million little ones of these guys:

More than half of these Supremes were sadly lost to my mouth.RIP little buddies

The end result comes together quite nicely when you plate the tartare, with the supremes, jelly, some dill and a flower for garnish. Check it:

This is what happens when it all comes together

I don’t mind doing this kind of dessert work. I get to be myself for hours in a room quietly going into a trance as i slay oranges and dissect their remains the music of a few hundred of my favourite bands screeching in my ear whilst I construct little fruit towers and top them with flowers

I think i was listening to Viscera Eyes by THE GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD:THE MARS VOLTA

In short, I think this post can be summarized in four words: I LOVE MY JOB


One Response to “Bedlam in Punta Cana”

  1. Diego your recipes are great! i wish i will love the kitchen as much as you do, you make everything look so fun. I am the happiest mom in the world now that i see you are happy.
    keep up the good work!
    love u

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