Fresh from the New World

I spent the weekend in the oldest city in the western hemisphere. Its gone by many names in the past; La Isabella, Saint Domingue, Ciudad Trujillo but I know it best as Santo Domingo, the gateway to the carribean. I was there for a Baptism, namely of my young cousin Nicholas. Normally, im not one for such religious affairs, but I got to admit I had a good time.

The Baptism was held at the Cathedral in the colonial zone, the oldest part of an old city. My aunt’s husband, freddy had performed surgery on the Cardinal so the Cardinal himself performed the Baptism. Now for those of you ignorant of catholic ways the hierarchy is Pope > Cardinals so it was a pretty baller way to enter the christian faith for a baby.

old ass church

Afterwards we had post baptism bash at my aunts swank pad on the 17th floor. All in all, and I hate to use a term twice it was pretty baller-ific, to use the parlance of our times. We ate fancy snacks like quiche and what i think was chicken salad sandwiches with a crap ton of sesame seeds avant garde-ly pressed on one side. We drank champagne and had merry. I got to talk to a pretty girl which was exciting for me but for my spanish which is lacking in terms of vocabulary. I really wish I could express how charming and funny and humble I am,especially to ladies,in spanish but its hard and I usually end up saying as little as possible so i dont sound stupid. Or stupider…uhh stupid, i dont think stupider is a word.Right?

We stayed at a Holiday Inn, and I know what you’re thinking: “Holiday Inn, not Baller, D” Well, youre wrong because this was the most baller holiday inn I’ve ever stayed in. The floors were all named after great tenors and/or artists like Pavarotti, Bocelli, Picasso and Dali.We had a rock garden outside our window, you won’t get that at the Holiday Inn in Tucson, Arizona.

The only downside is the actual ride to and fro. Dominican’s drive like its the Indy 500 and it doesn’t help that the roads are only two lanes one two the other fro. Most of the time I spent being absolutely terrified the other I spent watching horsemen on the highway

He was breaking the speed limit

All in all, the trip went great, hung out with the fam, saw my aunt sandra and my adorable cousin Nicholas and got to visit Santo Domingo which I always enjoy doing because its so big and full of life and unlike anything in the United States. I think thats what I like best about this country that its so different from the US in so many ways. You could say i was america’d out, I’d grown tired of the Continent and all its highs and lows. Island life is slower, dominican time is always later and theres always a large body of water to dunk yourself in at any given time.

I got the next two days off which is awesome. Im going to bathe in the golden rays of that sunny disk in the sky so I get the gringo hue of my normally copper tone. I’ll probably visit the lagoons again. I’m definitely going to read.

Also, St. Valentines day is not even a week away. Now, personally I hate the holiday because I hate couples when I’m single and Im almost always single circa St. Val’s, this one included, but I’m going to do you guys or gals a solid that are looking to impress your respective mate during this cupid’s day and give you a couple of recipe’s that’ll wow the socks or bra’s off anyone you desire. WITH ULTIMATE POWER COMES ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY


3 Responses to “Fresh from the New World”

  1. Diego, i love reading your blogs but this one in particular was soo good.!!!! I laugh. Aparte de buen cocinero tu pudieras ser un escritor por que la verdad tus relatos son super. Love it!! keep writting.

  2. Evan "The King" Says:

    My Valentine’s Recipe > Your Valentine’s Recipe

  3. Great stuff, Diego. Keep cooking and writing. You’re great at the writing, I’ll let you know how the cooking is when you come up here and cook for us (though I’ll assume it’s great as well). Tio Jorge

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